Getting Started…

I’m always full of ideas and a passion for excellence.  My wife convinced me to write down my journey so as to share it with everyone else.

At first I paused…  I’m really not very good and repetitive things, things that keep me to a schedule, etc…  After several months, I usually lose interest, find something else shiny, or just plain get bored.

That said, as I get older I’m finding it easier to just keep things cool and calm and consistent.  Finding my rhythm in life I guess.

Quick background.  I’ve been working in the computer industry for almost 35 years (hurts to write that).  I’ve developed a multitude of products, ranging from imaging software for small businesses, to multi-billion dollar software for some of the industry giants.

You’d think after all of that, I wouldn’t want to continue programming…  Quite the contrary.  I find programming to be exciting and challenging.  I’m always looking for ways to push my knowledge, explore a new algorithm, or just make something fun.

That’s where this comes in.  I’ve  been taking a break for the last year playing other games instead of programming.  I want to use this opportunity to get back into the thick of things and get the creative juices flowing again.

Almost everywhere in the industry, people are talking cross-platform.  So, I thought I would give it a go outside of work and see where things led me.

Welcome to my journey…

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