Dice Calculator

For my first application to publish across platforms, I wanted to write a dice calculator.  Basically, it is an algebraic calculator that supports dice notation.  I wanted the application to be complete free.  This includes no in-app purchases, no ads and no up-front costs.  Initially, I wanted to target Windows Phone and Android Phones.  I have the desire to target iPhones, but I don’t own one, so I wouldn’t have a means of testing it.

Links to download:

Here’s a screenshot of the first release

Starting screen for the dice calculator

Starting screen for the dice calculator

Pretty basic, huh.  Here’s a quick rundown with some examples on how it works.

0-9, ( ), / x + and – and = work pretty much how you would expect

the ‘d’ key is used to indicate ‘dice’.  For example: D6 equals a six-sided die.  D20 equals a twenty-sided die.

You can put a number before the ‘D’ to indicate how many dice to roll.  So, 3D6 means to roll three, six-sided dice and to add their results.  If you type that into the calculator and hit the ‘=’ button, you will see the formula in the top window, the total in the window just under it, and a breakdown of your rolls in window at the bottom of the application.

This screenshot shows a sample roll

A sample roll

The ‘K’ key means to ‘Keep’ the highest rolled specified number of dice.

The above example show us rolling four, six-sided dice and keeping the highest three dice.  The window at the bottom shows the breakdown.

On the left-hand side, some quick keys are provided for common types of dice, usually used in role-playing games such as Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons.

Once a ‘roll’ has occurred by pressing the ‘=’ button, it will change to the ‘Roll Again’ button so you can quickly re-roll the same formula without having to type it in again and again.

The M+ / MR buttons mean to ‘Add to memory’ and to ‘Read from Memory’.

Adding a formula to memory

Adding a formula to memory

The above screenshot shows adding a formula to memory.  You can give it a name so it can be recalled easily.

For many role-playing games, one might have different characters with different skills, bonuses, etc…  I added the ability to remember formulas into different profiles.

Memorized formulas under a specific profile

Memorized formulas under a specific profile

Profile selection screen

Profile selection screen


That’s about it for the functionality.  Small, clean and with a singular focus.  If you have suggestions or comments, please let me know.





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