Finally Deployed for iOS – iPad and iPhone

As of yesterday, June 6th, 2014 @11:55am PST, my Dice Calculator App went live in the iOS store.


I had actually submitted it almost a week earlier on June 1st.  From that point, it sat in a nebulous queue known as “waiting for review”.  Given the amount of work to submit the application, and reading through their submission guidelines, I was almost positive that the application would be rejected based on some nuance of how I spelled a keyword, or that a picture wasn’t exactly the right size, or that the reviewer didn’t think it met with the high standards of Apple UI design.

Happily, I’m passed that now, and the application can be downloaded at




3 responses to “Finally Deployed for iOS – iPad and iPhone

    • That’s a tough question to answer. I’m pretty much self taught. I read a lot of examples from the web, follow tutorials on YouTube. When creating things, I often run them by a few friends who I know will give me constructive and critical feedback. The trick there is to listen and not try and convince them why I think I’m right.

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